Webinar Recording – LEAP into LEARN: The Science Behind the Symptoms

Kabuki syndrome genetics and LEAP to treatments logo

On August 1st, we simplified the science and illustrated how gene mutations cause the symptoms of Kabuki syndrome. Watch LEAP into LEARN on YouTube and see how the science relates to current research and finding treatments. By closing the gaps in research with the KSF Discovery Grant – and with your help, we can find treatments for Kabuki syndrome faster.

Thank you to the 70+ members of our global community who joined live! Your insightful questions help us all learn, and you help us design future resources and events. Our door is always open for questions or comments. 

This is our second webinar in the LEAP series – Learn more about Kabuki syndrome. LEAP is the key to unlocking life-changing treatments for Kabuki syndrome on an accelerated timeline. LEAP is based on the Kabuki syndrome community’s greatest needs, input from KSF’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board, and lessons from over 20 years in rare disease research. Catch up here and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future live LEAP updates.

This webinar featured our research team: Dr. Bruce Bloom, KSF Chief Science Officer; Dr. Clara Tang, KSF Director of Research; and Amanda Gamboa, Mom to Ripley and KSF Outreach Coordinator. Thank you to those who joined and made a donation! Together, we can fund more discoveries and more treatments.