Kabuki Syndrome Foundation Invited to UK Event Amid Exciting Research Advances

Kabuki Syndrome Foundation Invited to UK Event Amid Exciting Research Advances

The Kabuki Syndrome Foundation is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Kabuki UK Information Day. We are honored to share the platform with esteemed partners and contribute to a day rich in knowledge and empowerment. This collaboration represents a unique opportunity to present the latest advancements in Kabuki syndrome research, therapeutic developments, and our efforts to drive meaningful progress in treatment options.

This is the second Information Day hosted by Kabuki UK and provides a forum for families to learn from experts and engage in research activities. Kabuki UK Chairperson, Sally Trewartha says: “We’re absolutely delighted to partner with the Kabuki Syndrome Foundation for this Information Day. It’s a pivotal opportunity to unite our efforts in advancing research and support for families affected by Kabuki syndrome.”

At the heart of our presentation will be Dr. Clara Tang, KSF’s Director of Research, whose work embodies our commitment to scientific discovery and clinical application. Dr. Tang’s insights into the current research landscape and therapeutics in the pipeline will shine a light on the promising horizon for Kabuki syndrome treatment. She shares, “Over the past year, the Kabuki Syndrome Foundation has been at the forefront of accelerating research initiatives, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the treatment and understanding of Kabuki syndrome. It’s been an incredible journey of discovery and collaboration, leading to significant strides in our quest for knowledge and solutions. I am delighted to share the remarkable progress we’ve achieved with the UK community. This event presents a wonderful platform to highlight the advancements we’ve made, to discuss the promising pathways we are exploring and to tell the UK community ways they can become involved in treatment discovery.”

Joining Dr. Tang will be Dr. Siddarth Banka, a pivotal figure in Kabuki syndrome research and a respected member of our Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Banka’s dual role as a clinician and researcher provides a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and opportunities within Kabuki syndrome treatment. His involvement in the Kabuki UK Information Day, co-hosted with the Manchester Rare Conditions Centre underscores the synergy between clinical care and research efforts.

A significant driver behind the Kabuki Syndrome Foundation’s remarkable progress in the last year has been LEAP: our strategic roadmap dedicated to Learning, Enabling, and Accelerating progress in treatment development, and Preparing for clinical trials. Janet Lee, Executive Director articulates, “LEAP is the cornerstone of our commitment to the Kabuki syndrome community. Through fostering dynamic partnerships with researchers, clinicians, families, and donors, we are not just envisioning but actively constructing a future where groundbreaking treatments are within reach. Our mission is to revolutionize the care and outcomes for individuals with Kabuki syndrome by galvanizing our global community to actively participate in fundraising efforts and support research initiatives aimed at advancing treatments.”

The Kabuki UK Information Day is not just an event; it’s a milestone in our journey towards a brighter future for those affected by Kabuki syndrome around the world. It’s an occasion to celebrate how far we’ve come and to look forward with anticipation to the advances on the horizon.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kabuki UK and the Manchester Rare Conditions Centre for this opportunity to share, learn, and grow together.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Kabuki UK Information Day.