Kabuki Count Quarterly Update: Over 1000 Individuals Counted!

Kabuki Count logo with upward arrows; Q1 2024 Data Insights

As of the end of the first quarter of 2024, over 1000 individuals from 51 countries have joined Kabuki Count!

Kabuki Count is the global Kabuki syndrome census and contact registry designed to drive research to treatments. We launched the census on October 23, 2023, Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day and continue to grow our numbers around the world.

Key Insights from Q1 2024:

  • 1018 People with Kabuki Syndrome Have Been Counted
  • 655 participants have Type 1 (a KMT2D mutation)
  • 144 participants have Type 2 (a KMD6A mutation)
  • 95 participants have a clinical diagnosis

Explore more data from Q1, like sex and age of participants, and discover how we are preparing for clinical trials. A global collection of 11 patient advocacy groups, led by the Kabuki Syndrome Foundation, have partnered to help ensure the global Kabuki syndrome community is ready for research opportunities.

If you have Kabuki syndrome or are a caregiver for someone with Kabuki syndrome, join Kabuki Count by filling out a simple, three-minute form. It’s the fastest way for you to empower research and be aware of new treatment opportunities. Kabuki Count is available in English, French, and Spanish.

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