Our efforts are entirely dependent on the work of volunteers who share their time and talents with us.  Aside from fundraising efforts, there are several areas where we can use help and we'd love to have your involvement.  Please contact us if you are interested.


The overall management of the foundation is led by the four founding board members and we in turn rely on support from several other volunteers. We are looking to build our team further and invite your help.


Some possible areas of assistance could be with website content development, graphic design, database management, event planning, grant writing and general fundraising expertise. If you would like to share your talents with us, even in small amounts of time, please contact us. 


The planning for the upcoming foundation-sponsored research conference has begun! The event will be hosted by Cincinnati Children's Hospital on May 15-16, 2020. 

We are seeking volunteers to help with various planning activities, and/or providing support during the days of the conference. This does not require a large time commitment. 

If you are interested in helping, please contact us through the link below or email us at Info@KabukiSyndromeFoundation.org