Grant Opportunities

KSF’s mission is to drive more research for Kabuki syndrome and accelerate the timeline to a treatment. We fund research that will promote advances in the treatment and management of Kabuki syndrome, with the long term goal of facilitating the development of a cure.

KSF believes that cross-institutional collaboration accelerates research, promotes efficiency, and makes a larger impact across the Kabuki syndrome community.

The Discovery Grant: Addressing Knowledge Gaps

Despite some advances in our understanding of the underlying genetic and molecular mechanisms of Kabuki syndrome, there are still many unanswered questions. There is still limited fundamental knowledge of the disease pathophysiology and how perturbations within the KMT2D and KDM6A pathways lead to the challenges that patients with Kabuki syndrome face.

We need to advance our scientific knowledge for the development of therapeutics to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for all individuals with Kabuki syndrome of all age groups.

THE KSF Discovery Grant provides funding to accelerate Kabuki syndrome basic science research and the identification of 1+ new therapeutic opportunity (disease-causing target/pathway) through collaboration of a group of researchers from multiple institutions.

KSF Discovery Grant Details

Purpose: fund the identification of 1+ new therapeutic opportunity (disease-causing target/pathway) through multi-institution collaboration.
Type of research: basic science, preclinical studies
Level of funding: $150,000 on average (The award requires that funds not be used for the support of institutional indirect or overhead costs.)
Duration of funding: up to 2 years
Who can apply: a team of at least two MD or PhD researchers based at two or more institutions
Where you’re based: worldwide

Please note:

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a letter of intent (LOI), no later than June 9, 2023. The KSF review committee will review and provide feedback within two weeks of the letter’s submission.

Applicants should fill in the application template and send it as one electronic document (PDF format) before June 30, 2023. Awardees will be notified in November 2023. 

For questions, please contact Dr. Clara Tang, Director of Research.


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