Virtual Research Study: Understanding Sleep, Behavior,
And Quality of Life in Kabuki Syndrome

Other genetic disorders have an increased rate of issues concerning sleep, anxiety, and quality of life compared to the general population. Many of these factors have not been fully explored in individuals with KS.  Studying day-to-day behaviors and factors that shape the life of someone with KS is critical in completely understanding the condition. Further developments in these areas will help guide future trials and treatments. 

Dr. Jacqueline Harris, MD, Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, specializes in patients with epigenetic disorders with neurologic and/or cognitive manifestations in Kabuki Syndrome.  Dr. Harris is conducting a virtual study on sleep, behavior, and quality of life.  Please see the flyer below to participate.  (This study will close in July 2021)

KS Virtual Study Flyer:


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