Dr. Jacqueline Harris, MD, Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, specializes in patients with epigenetic disorders with neurologic and/or cognitive manifestations in Kabuki Syndrome.  Dr. Harris is currently conducting several research studies and is seeking participants.  Please see the individual study details below.

Virtual Research Study: Understanding Sleep, Behavior, and Quality of Life in Kabuki Syndrome

A Clinical Study of the Brain and Cognition in Kabuki Syndrome

A Pilot Trial of a Dietary Therapy for Kabuki Syndrome


Brittany Simpson is an assistant professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC).  She co-founded and currently directs the Epigenetic Syndromes Clinic at CCHMC, which aims to improve patient care and follow-up through interdisciplinary specialization. The clinic is part of a larger program conducting research studies designed to better understand the natural history of Kabuki syndrome as well as to identify targets for outcome and treatment research.

Natural History Study