2021 Virtual Research Conference October 23-24, 2021

We are excited to announce the return of our annual research conference!  This year's conference will feature several of the leading researchers and clinicians in Kabuki Syndrome who will share their latest research initiatives with the community. More details to come! We are in the process of finalizing the agenda so please check back regularly or visit our FB page.

  • Kabuki Syndrome Research Conference

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2018 at Johns Hopkins University Hospital

Last year's conference once again brought together families from around the country and featured five of the leading clinicians and researchers involved with Kabuki Syndrome. Other topics included a review of the results from a patient/family survey done by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.  

2015 at Johns Hopkins University Hospital


The first conference of its kind brought together Kabuki families to hear from several clinicians and researchers about the genetic underpinnings of Kabuki Syndrome, immunologic and neuro-developmental issues associated with the syndrome, and the status of current research efforts.