AllStripes + KSF Partnership is formed

The more we know about Kabuki syndrome, the more we can do for Kabuki syndrome patients.

AllStripes is the leading research platform dedicated to rare diseases. By joining, you can advance research – from home – in 15 minutes. AllStripes will collect all medical records, which users can access at any time, at no cost.

Because Kabuki syndrome is rare, researchers need more information directly from patients and their families to understand the condition. Your progression, symptoms and health challenges are all important clues that can help researchers uncover insights and develop new treatments.

AllStripes asks for your hospitals and clinics – no appointments or uploads required. They collect your records. Then your data is de-identified, removing details like your name and address, before analyzing.

We’re looking for patients and families willing to contribute their de-identified medical records to make this effort as strong as possible.

Ready to see all your records in one place and contribute to research? Let’s go!

Questions? Check out the full AllStripes FAQ here.