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What is Kabuki Syndrome?

Kabuki syndrome is a rare genetic disorder (disease) that is found equally across genders, ethnicities, and geographies. Kabuki syndrome is caused by mutations in two known genes, and possibly others yet to be identified. The gene mutation usually occurs randomly, but Kabuki syndrome can be passed on by a parent to their child. 

Symptoms associated with Kabuki syndrome vary between individuals and can include intellectual disability, feeding difficulties, immune deficiencies, cardiac and kidney abnormalities, growth deficiencies and diminished muscle tone, to name a few. Each person with Kabuki syndrome is unique. 

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How Many People Have Kabuki Syndrome?

We are on a mission to find out. Over 800 individuals with Kabuki syndrome have joined our global census so far. With each person counted, we are showing our strength in numbers. 

The more individuals with Kabuki syndrome we can document, the more attractive our rare disease becomes to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, researchers, clinicians, government funding, and donors — all of whom we need to move treatments forward!

In less than three minutes, you can join our worldwide network of families and organizations interested in helping people with Kabuki syndrome live their best lives.

Find An Expert

Seeing a physician who has experience with dozens of Kabuki syndrome patients is a breath of fresh air for patients and caregivers. KSF has organized the global network of clinicians and researchers so you can quickly find an expert to help guide your journey. A provider may be closer than you think.

Our Global Support Network

Learn more about Kabuki syndrome communities and events around the world and join our global patient census! 

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KSF's Wall of Accomplisments

KSF's Wall of Accomplisments

People with Kabuki syndrome continue to amaze us with their milestones and achievements. Post a picture, video, or sign that made you feel immensely proud. Victories of all sizes can spread joy!

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KSF Annual Conference

KSF Annual Conference

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