$500,000 Committed to Research – Our 2023 Midyear Report

We are excited to share our Midyear Impact Report with you, as it represents key milestones in our journey and a testament to our collective achievements. Together, let us use this information to reflect, celebrate successes, and collectively strategize for the road ahead. We are confident that, with your continued support, the second half of this year will be even more remarkable.

By openly sharing this information, we aim to foster transparency, accountability, and a shared sense of purpose. In this report, we’ve highlighted:

  • LEAP, our roadmap to treatments, and newly met milestones
  • How we’re providing our global community with immediate access to the skills, scientific knowledge, and industry connections to push treatment progress forward
  • New resources for families, upcoming events, and clinical trials updates
  • Our funding summary and donor spotlight

Read the report here and please contact us with any questions. 

With hope and joy, 

Team KSF