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Friday, Novmber 4th, 2022 - Virtual


Recordings Now Available

Conference recordings are now available on the event platform! Re-watch your favorite segment or catch up on anything you missed in the same platform we used for the livestream. Full presentations and Research Recruitment opportunities can also be found in the platform. Already registered? Log in here:

Please click here if you have not yet registered:

Finding treatments is going to take all of us, and we hope you feel more empowered to 

participate in research - in whatever form fits your family. 

450 participants from over 35 countries have joined, and all are welcome! Access the platform to see these presentations and more: HOPE clinical trial update, flash talk and deep dives from key researchers focused on Kabuki syndrome, educational tips and parent panel, and an inspiring panel of six adults with Kabuki syndrome. KSF is providing the latest updates on research - driving and sharing the path to clinical trials and treatments that matter. Finding treatments is going to take all of us. Join us - your participation is critical!

2022 Sponsors


 Platinum $10,000+

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Steve Paquette Memorial Fund 2022-2.png

Steve had 5 grandchildren and they were one of the most important parts of his life. He loved them all dearly and made it a priority to try and talk with them every day. From the beginning, he had a very special bond with Madison. She was born in 2015 with congenital heart defects and spent 2.5 months in the hospital. Later in 2017, through genetic testing, Madison was diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome (KMT2D). Steve was her best friend, he always met her where she was and really knew how to communicate with her. He loved to spend time with her building towers (knocking them down), playing pretend kitchen, and could always ground her when needed.

We lost him too soon. We are grateful for the support we received from friends and family in honor of him to support Madison and further Kabuki syndrome research.

 Presidential $5,000+

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