Driving research to find Kabuki syndrome treatments faster.

The Kabuki Syndrome Foundation’s mission is to advocate for individuals with Kabuki syndrome by finding treatments that will improve their lives. KSF drives patient-centered research through fundraising and collaboration with partners across the globe.

What is Kabuki Syndrome?

Kabuki syndrome is a rare, genetic disorder that affects multiple systems of the body. Kabuki syndrome is found equally across genders, ethnicities, and geographies. The gene mutations that cause Kabuki syndrome have been identified and provide potential treatment pathways.

Discover the Power in Your Diagnosis

Live Webinar on Thursday, May 9th!
Innovations in Diagnosing Kabuki Syndrome
featuring Dr. Hellen Lesmann, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Bonn

At our next live webinar, we are launching a global, AI-powered research opportunity that can make it easier for undiagnosed people to find their Kabuki syndrome diagnosis. A correct diagnosis leads to community, better medical recommendations, the ability to participate in clinical trials, and more. Your diagnosis matters and can even help others. 

Watch the recording on YouTube. Whether you have a genetic or clinical diagnosis, VUS, or have questions, we have the tools for you. 

Improving how people are diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome is part of LEAP, our roadmap to treatments. Helping more people find their diagnosis is one way we are preparing for clinical trials and showing our strength in numbers. You’re invited to join us live and help make the LEAP to treatments!

Therapies in Development

KSF is defining and driving the therapeutic roadmap for Kabuki syndrome. With the guidance of our Medical and Scientific Advisory board, we are identifying and funding priorities based on our community’s unmet needs.

​Kabuki syndrome symptoms have been successfully treated in mice, and KSF has a plan to find therapeutics for everyone with Kabuki syndrome. Now is the time to drive research for all people with Kabuki syndrome.

Kabuki Syndrome Research

Research Opportunities

Research is what makes the treatment of Kabuki syndrome symptoms possible. We partner with the world’s leading Kabuki syndrome doctors and researchers to increase your access and accelerate research.

Together – across type 1 and 2, from mild to severe – we can find treatments faster.

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Just Diagnosed? Start Here.

We understand the intense range of emotions that comes with a diagnosis and we’re here to help. KSF is led by parents and family members of children with Kabuki syndrome, and we network with adults with Kabuki syndrome.

Here you’ll find information, resources, community support, and stories of our joy and hope.

Download: Quick Start for Kabuki SyndromeDescargar en Español: Guía del Síndrome de Kabuki

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